Providing training in leadership, managing performance, diversity and inclusion, coaching, mentoring and personal effectiveness.

training in leadership, managing performance, discipline, grievances, legal,equality matters, coaching, mentoring, recruitment, workplace investigations

Workplace solutions provides training in leadership, managing performance, coaching, mentoring. The training will be tailored to match the needs of your organisation and will reflect your workplace policies and procedures.

Alana’s approach to training is to bring the topic alive through realistic and relevant illustration and the sharing of challenges and experience.

Perhaps the most effective learning and development initiative is not evident?  Alana can analyse your team’s learning needs in order to ensure that any learning activity is focused on the knowledge, skills and behaviours which your team need to grow in order to successfully contribute to your organisational goals and strategy.

The following are examples of the training events provided for clients, individually designed to ensure that all in-house training is bespoke to the specific needs of your organisation:

Coaching for Performance

This is a one day course providing participants with an understanding of coaching skills and how coaching can enhance performance in the workplace.  Coaching is a fabulous development tool.  The effective use of coaching with your team will increase the motivation, capacity and performance of your team members and allow you more time to focus on your core deliverables.  This is an interactive course and participants will be encouraged to engage in coaching conversations in order to build coaching skills.

An optional half-day follow up session provides the opportunity to explore and evaluate the coaching experience and to embed learning.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for all managers interested in developing coaching skills with a view to enhancing the performance of their team.

Effective Performance Management

This one day course examines the importance of effective performance management, setting SMART objectives, providing valuable feedback and conducting appraisal meetings.  Delegates will also explore how to deal effectively with challenging people and situations.  The course will be adapted to reflect the performance management system used in your organisation.

Who should attend?

All supervisory and managerial staff.

Diversity and Equality in the Workplace

A range of half day or full day diversity and equality courses are offered tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.  The Essentials course explores diversity, stereotypical assumptions and explains the obligations imposed by the equality legislation on employers and employees.  Other courses focus on specific areas, such as disability discrimination law or harassment, whilst others are tailored for HR staff and management teams to ensure they understand their specific responsibilities, how to deal with internal complaints and how to minimise exposure to successful litigation.

Who should attend?

The Essentials course is recommended for all.  Other courses are tailored to meet your specific requirements and may be more suitable for supervisory and/or managerial staff.

An optional half-day follow up session provides the opportunity to explore and evaluate the coaching experience and to embed learning.

Management Coaching and Mentoring

This one day course is designed to provide the management team with an in-depth understanding of management coaching and mentoring and the opportunity to assess how they could add value to your organisation. The course also equips delegates to plan the successful introduction of coaching and mentoring initiatives which will fit the organisation and further organisational goals.

Who should attend?

This course is ideally suited to the management team.

Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

This course can be provided as a half day or, with more action learning, on a full day basis.

Whilst the course will reflect current legal requirements informed by legislation, case law and codes of practice, the approach will be practical, providing step-by-step practical guidance.  The role and responsibilities of the investigator will be explored and we will look at questioning techniques, conducting interviews, examining evidence and reaching conclusions.  Helpful checklists will be provided for future reference.

Who should attend?

Anyone responsible for undertaking workplace investigations.

Dealing with Grievances Effectively

This one day course is designed to provide those with responsibility for handing grievance matters with the knowledge, skills and confidence to do so competently.  The course will be informed by Alana’s vast experience as a solicitor advising employers on handling grievances and recent case law developments.  The content will be tailored to reflect your organisation’s grievance procedure.  Helpful checklists will be provided to delegates.

Who should attend?

All staff with responsibility for handling grievances.

For further information, please contact Alana to discuss your training requirements: